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I hate that I can't accept anything more Than the worn out soles of my shoes.
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Real Friends by Nicole Busch on Flickr.

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Questions for Blogrates?


i’m feelin kinda sad and bored, so here’s what’s up

send me a 

  • question
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  • really anything just please talk to me

and everyone off anon will recieve

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I’m going to bed right now, but feel free to keep sending these in. I’ll do my best to get to them tomorrow when i have time c:

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The Amity Affliction - (x)

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Never Lose Your Flame - Issues
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"I’ve given up on you, and my skin, and my bones."
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State Champs (by Emmy Amanda)

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Neck Deep by Vans Warped Tour on Flickr.
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Issues by Hunter Wallace Photo on Flickr.
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Real Friends - Home For Fall [x]

do you like counterparts if so are you going to common vision tour


i just started listening to counterparts and i like them, and i would go, but they aren’t coming anywhere near me and that just sucks

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comment: i don’t know how i didn’t follow you before, but now i am so hi c:

ayy hmu

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What is your favorite type of pie?


all pie is good pie to me (unless it has nuts in it bc i don’t like nuts)

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comment: marissa you are supercool and one of my favorite mutuals and you run an amazing blog ok

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the fact that you guys are actually doing this makes my heart all warm and fuzzy

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